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Vietnam Our War Our Peace

  • Vietnam Our War Our Peace

Vietnam: our war – our peace is based on the words of more than 40 Vietnam veterans. Some recall moments that have remained vivid for decades, others the mundane round of life on a large military base. There are stories of combat and its cost, of nursing the wounded and of the work done by the many who served in support roles. Together the reminiscences in this book describe the breadth of Australia’s commitment in Vietnam and remind us of the many jobs and specialisations that enable a military force to operate in a theatre of war. Vietnam: our war – our peace tells of deep and enduring friendships forged in unforgettable times, of the importance of veterans’ associations and of remembering and commemoration. In these pages are also stories of women who waited at home for their husband to return, and of children who grew up in Vietnam’s shadow. For some in this book, service in Vietnam led to unexpected careers, for others a lifetime of reflection. Some never escaped the war’s shadow, others remember happier moments. More than anything, these are the stories of survivors, of how wartime service echoes through veterans’ lives and the lives of their families long after the fighting ends.