After The Blood Cools | Author: Gary McKay

  • After The Blood Cools | Author: Gary McKay

Gary McKay served as a rifle platoon commander in Vietnam in 1971 and was awarded the Military Cross for his gallantry during the Battle of Nui Le, the last major battle fought by Australian and New Zealand forces in South Vietnam.

Fifty years on, Gary looks back on his distinguished military career and shares his gripping story. From being conscripted and training for war, to the sudden violence of combat in Vietnam. From being wounded at the Battle of Nui Le through the long road to recovery. And the unexpected demons that haunted him decades after the fighting had stopped.

Reflecting on his experiences, Gary explores The Warrior’s Dilemma: how do ordinary people cope with the overwhelming mental and physical challenges of combat? How does it change them, and what emotional baggage do they carry from the battlefield?

This important book sheds new light on what it really means to go to war, and asks the essential question: how can we better support our frontline fighters, our men and women in uniform and our first responders?

ISBN: 9780648922612
208 pages