Veteran Stories: Vietnam | Author: Dr Dale Blair

  • Veteran Stories: Vietnam | Author: Dr Dale Blair

Some 60,000 Australians served during the Vietnam War, which became our longest running conflict of the 20th century. Many who served in Vietnam, both regulars and national servicemen, look back upon their time there as a formative episode in their life. Whatever path led them to Vietnam, professional soldier or ‘nasho’, their letters or diaries written at the time, and their later recollections, suggest that many went through moments or periods that stand out in their memories. For many who deployed, their tour was their first time overseas. Many lamented the separation from loved ones. Some who served in a combat role were frank about the violence of war, while others scarcely mention it. The nature of any individual’s service depended upon their role, and when and where they deployed. Veterans’ Stories: VIETNAM examines their experiences by drawing on their personal recollections, as part of the ongoing Veterans’ Stories history project of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which seeks to honour the contribution of Australians who have served during more than a century of wars, conflicts, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. Written by Dr Dale Blair, fully illustrated with images from the collection of the Australian War Memorial, 152 pages.